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Choose any region on the world map and see what moves people with your interests. 🦄

Discover which places they like most.

Bye-bye splinter groups – hello world-wide communities 😋
One world-wide community for each passion – YANA makes splinter groups a thing of the past!
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People share the same passions across borders. In YANA, every passion gets its unique global community – no hashtags needed. Your passion isn’t listed yet? So simply propose a new community for it!

Imagine you could shout out loud to the world and decide where and by whom you are heard.

Send out YANA Shouts to the world and decide, which region and community you want to reach. Don’t worry about your privacy – what happens in the community, stays in the community!

Always surrounded by your community
Let’s make social media SOCIAL again!


+ What are YANA Shouts and how do they work?

A YANA Shout is a post which is directed to users in a specific region and with specific interests. Whenever you send out a Shout, you can define in which region and community it should be visible, to directly address like-minded people.

+ What distinguishes YANA from other social media apps?

YANA is not about who has the most followers or the most beautiful photos. We all have hobbies, passions, or situations in life that we would like to share with other people. In YANA, every topic has its own world-wide community. You can join any number of communities, which permits you to always be surrounded by people who share your interests – in front of your door, in the next city, or at the other end of the world. Simply choose a region on the map, where you want to connect to like-minded people.

+ Who is YANA aimed at?

At all who want to share their hobbies, passions, or life situations with like-minded people. YANA is explicitly open to minorities and offers also special communities for people in difficult life situations. That's why YANA puts great emphasis on tolerance. YANA is no place for hate speech or discrimination. Make Social Media SOCIAL again!

+ What if my community isn't listed yet?

Within the app, you can simply request the creation of a new community. Please note that all communities in YANA are global. That´s why the community name shouldn't contain any city or region names. You also should check if there isn't already a community for your topic. Communities directed against a certain group of people are not permitted.

+ Why does YANA show you more relevant content than other social networks?

YANA supersedes the tangle of hashtags. Each field of interest has its own world-wide community. Users can exchange views about cool places and events as well as upvote and downvote them. On the world map, you can choose the region where you want to get the latest news from your communities. That way, you will only see relevant information for you in your surrounding – wherever you are at the moment.

+ Why are there no posts for some regions?

YANA is still at its beginning. If you don’t see content for a region, no one has posted there so far. Help us to connect people with your interests all over the world by sending your first Shout for your region and community. More users are likely to follow your example. In the meanwhile, you can explore other regions on the map or simply extend your map area to discover the first Shouts of like-minded people.

+ Does YANA respect your privacy?

Yes – even more than other social networks do. The content of YANA communities is not visible from outside. You have to join a community yourself to see its content and members. Also, other users cannot see which other communities you are a member of. YANA doesn't require users to enter their real names. Needless to say that YANA complies with the GDPR terms of the European Union. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.

+ What platforms does YANA support?

YANA is currently available as a Beta version on Android and will soon be available on iOS. With the help of your feedback, which can be sent through the app, YANA will be further developed with high pressure to bring out soon the first release.

+ Which new features are planned?

The ideas keep flowing and also your feedback will have strong influence. Here are some of the most important features you can look forward to:
- privat messages between users
- preview of Shouts on the map for each region and community
- creating temporary places in Shouts, e.g. for spontaneous engagements
Many more will follow!